Get Involved with the Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba

There are several different ways to get involved in the PCWM.  We are looking for members with a wide variety of skills and perspectives.  Two kinds of memberships are available; Individual and Federate.  A federate is a provincially organized member group of PCWM.

An Individual Membership is for one person to participate in PCWM in any way they choose. With an individual membership one would receive emails about our events and federate events, access to PCWM’s large network of organizations and individuals, and receive our newsletters. An individual is also eligible to vote on resolutions

A Federate Membership is for a provincial organization signing on to PCWM with one or two representatives to be the liaison between the organization and PCWM. The representative would receive the same things as an individual membership and would be responsible for circulating relevant information throughout their organization. As a federate, the PCWM will advertise the organization’s events, provide access to PCWM’s large networking capacity across the province and most importantly provide the organization an opportunity to bring concerns to the government through the resolution writing process.

Individual members and Federate representatives may be elected to both the board and committees. In addition they can be elected to National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) committees.

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Committees are where the work gets done in PCWM. The PCWM has several committees that include:

  • Resolutions Committee works with federates and individuals to draft resolutions to bring forward to the provincial government
  • Fundraising Committee raises funds for operating budget and plans at least one event to recognize the contributions of women in their communities
  • Program Committee organizes informative and educational programs for the general membership meetings, semi-annual and annual meetings
  • Communications Committee produces the Newsletter, news releases about special meetings and special projects, and updates website/Facebook
  • Ad Hoc and Issues Committees are created as needed


We are actively recruiting board members. We would like to provide you with an opportunity to gain new skills in a wide variety of areas including but not limited to: networking, governance, and communication. We are looking for women with diverse skill sets and who are committed to our vision as an organization of change.

Responsibilities would include

  • Collaboration with the rest of the board to develop policy and actions to move PCWM forward
  • To approve budget requests for committees
  • A minimum of one-year commitment is requested; elections to board positions are done annually. We encourage and accept expressions of interest at any time


  • Networking with local, provincial and national organizations
  • Gain leadership, communication, and advocacy skills
  • Be a member of a provincially known organization the has been established since 1949

Board meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month.

Work or Volunteer at an organization that could benefit from PCWM’s government relations and networking power?

PCWM membership is mainly made up of federate (member) organizations. These organizations work with PCWM to bring issues within communities forward, provide research for our resolutions and maintain a connection to the community. Federates can utilize PCWM as an avenue to bring their concerns to the provincial government and have the opportunity to forward concerns to the National Council of Women of Canada. The PCWM offers a large networking community between women-centered organizations across the province. Organizations that are provincially organized and share our values are welcome.